A tale that starts from afar

Since 1955


The first stone

For some, Giardiniello represents the discovery of an evening, for others the restaurant of the heart, the place to return to for every occasion. For three generations, we have been welcoming you in a warm, family atmosphere. The first page of our history was written in 1955 by our parents, Francesco Di Bianco and Annunziata Celio, who began the restaurant business with the desire to pass on to guests the taste of the culinary traditions of the coast and Campania.

for three generations

Children and grandchildren

From father to son and son to nephew, the baton from Francesco and Nunziatina was passed on to sons Antonio and Giovanni, until we reach the third generation, the grandchildren of the founders, with Barbara and Antonio taking their first steps on this fascinating journey with the guidance of dad Giovanni and uncle Antonio.
There are many more pages to be written, all with one ink, that of the Di Bianco family’s passion.

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